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PHP 5,850 / USD 120

Bending our form as a means to absorb past movements. With our friends at PrancaFIFTH WALL presents Plié—a play into the motions of an object. Plié was designed in reference to the knee bend gesture of dance, constructed as our response to the continuity of our signals—ever-flowing, ever-shifting, ever-bending. 


Material — Sterling Silver
Texture  — Matte
Pendant Weight —  Approx. 2 grams
Chain Weight —  Approx. 1.1 grams
Chain Details — 
 18 inches total with an adjuster at 16 inches

This is how we bend.

Inspired by FIFTH WALL’s clasp on movement, combined with Pranca’s style of highlighting imperfection, the pendant’s beauty explores different angles and uses. Free-form.

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